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In the late 1800's, Dr. Julius Wolff studied bone strength and from his findings developed Wolff's Law of bone remodeling. Generally, the law states that when bone is stressed enough, it will adapt by becoming stronger. Since that time, thousands of studies have been completed based on Dr. Wolff's findings; all confirming resistance exercise to be an affective way to increase bone density.

This is the concept upon which Dr. John Jaquish, PhD created Spectrum. Spectrum is the proprietary system used in OsteoStrong centers around the World to safely increase bone strength for people through a process known as osteogenic loading.

Listed below are some of the studies, trials, and papers showing that high intensity resistance exercise improves bone density.

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Dr. Jaquish discusses the studies behind OsteoStrong.


Some of the many published reviews, studies, and research articles. The first review study lists an addition 61 articles related to resistance and impact exercises for bone health.

Review Article: The Effectiveness of Physical Exercise on Bone Density in Osteoporotic Patients

Study: High-Intensity Resistance and Impact Training Improves Bone Mineral Density and Physical Function in Postmenopausal Women With Osteopenia and Osteoporosis: The LIFTMOR Randomized Controlled Trial

Review Article: Effects of Resistance Exercise on Bone Health

Study: Weight lifted in strength training predicts bone change in postmenopausal women.

Study: The impact of adding weight-bearing exercise versus non weight bearing programs to the medical treatment of elderly patients with osteoporosis

Research Article: Axial Bone Osteogenic Loading-Type Resistance Therapy Showing BMD and Functional Bone Performance Musculoskeletal Adaptation Over 24 Weeks with Postmenopausal Female Subjects

Many more studies, trials, research articles and reviews are available on PubMed with the search phrase "weight bearing exercise for bone density." Click here to start your search.