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My passion for helping people be their best comes from experiencing firsthand how physical fitness and health improves everything about life. Twenty years ago, I was a corporate executive with an average fitness level. I got involved with auto racing, and later with my first strength coach. From there, I became a professional racing coach and began competing in international powerlifting. For the second half of my life, I knew that I wanted to help people become their best selves, and became certified with the American College of Sports Medicine. Shortly after I started a strength training business, I discovered OsteoStrong and the science behind it. I am convinced OsteoStrong is the best approach to help people with their overall wellness by focusing on the foundation of the body – bones, and bone strength. I spend every day working to educate people on this simple yet powerful and effective protocol. My greatest joy is seeing clients benefit and realize their strength and potential.


I am a Mercer Island resident, a mom, and a lawyer by trade. I am also Brent’s wife, and worst client. I was initially skeptical of OsteoStrong – and then I tried it. I am stronger than I have ever been in my 55 years. Chronic hip/hamstring pain is gone, and my yoga practice is on another level. I share Brent’s desire to introduce this to as many people as possible, but my focus is to ensure that OsteoStrong Mercer Island is a supportive and generous member of our remarkable community.

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